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  • Our Forefathers responded to the move of God in 1886 and founded our Great Church! The original sanctuary fell down in flames sometime before 1943. During that time, our church services were being held at St. Mark 4(B)'s Schoolhouse, then located on the church grounds. Under the leadership of Reverend Sam Watson, a new sanctuary was built April 1943. The history of our great church would not be complete without acknowledging those dedicated souls who allowed the Holy Spirit to lead them in the establishment of this church.

  • Reverend Shannon was the first pastor of St. Mark 4(B) Missionary Baptist Church. He was succeeded by: Reverend Lennie Jenkins, Reverend Gene Davis, Reverend William Hall, Reverend H.H. Harvin, Reverend James Weston, Reverend Samuel Weston, Reverend J.B. Hale, Reverend Norman Butler, Reverend S. Jasper, Reverend Julius Lighty. Reverend Sammie D. Simmons was appointed pastor February 1994.

  • Since 1994, Reverend Sammie D. Simmons has been the pastor of St. Mark Four Bridges Missionary Baptist Church located in Sumter, South Carolina. Under his pastoral leadership, St. Mark 4(B) has experienced dramatic growth, not only in membership, but tremendous growth spiritually. Pastor Simmons has established several innovative ministries such as: Women's Ministry, Kingdom Knights (Brotherhood), New Members Class, Tree of Life (Tutorial Ministry), Youth Development, Career Advancement Ministry, Junior Missionaries, Food and Clothing Ministry, Prison Ministry, Singles Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Evangelistic Ministry, an Administrative Division, a Stewardship Division, Transportation Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Audio Visual, Public Relations Ministry, Publication Ministry, Praise & Worship Team, Praise Dance Ministry, Drama club, and St. Mark 4(B) Baptist Minstrels and various Leadership Conferences and Workshops.

  • St. Mark 4(B) has grown from 65 members to well over 600. This visionary heeded the voice of God, as he prepared St. Mark 4(B) to fulfill the vision of a new church! With much prayer and dedication, Pastor Simmons brought vision to reality through groundbreaking services April 1999. St. Mark 4(B) Missionary Baptist church experienced the move of God as they walked from the "old" church and into the "new" January 2000. Six years later, God opened doors for expansion for property next door, and St. Mark was favored with over 15 acres of land. The church held a mortgage burning ceremony in which the church edifice was paid in full. His leadership abilities continue to shine as the church body continuously moves to higher heights and deeper depths in reaching the lives of those in and around the community. Reverend Simmons, a humble servant of the Lord, preaches, teaches and exemplifies his established theme: "Preparing God's People to Walk in Destiny". Pastor Sammie D. Simmons and First Lady Shirby Simmons desire that no one who enters the sanctuary will leave the same way that they came, but that a word will be spoken, a prayer will prayed, or a song will be sung, that will draw them closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Much of our history has not been documented; nevertheless the visionaries that God have placed to build up this segment of the body of Christ have always identified the move of God! Through divine vision and spiritual leadership, this church body has moved from "church as usual" to Kingdom Missions. History is being made as we move forward in response to the vision that God has given to our Leader. Today, mark our 131 year Homecoming Anniversary Celebration. As we move forward, we are "Rethinking Possible" and believing God for the impossible.

  • First time here? We would love for you to join us for our Worship Service!